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Minutes from January Chapter Business Meeting – January 23rd, 2019

James Burk, Organizer

James provided an overview of the several current projects being undertaken by the Mars Society including:

  • The Mars Desert Research Station, where James was a crewmember on Crew 197 in October.
  • Several Internet Task Force projects that James leads: (in order of priority below)
    1. MarsVR Public Beta
    2. Redesign of
      • Includes a common look & feel across all TMS websites that will be rolled out over 2019.
      • Common header design
      • WordPress 5.0 + Gutenberg Editor
    3. MDRS Crew Reporting & Field Season Support
    4. Education & Outreach Website
    5. Chapter Websites
    6. HAL (Raspberry PI hardware+software solution)
    7. Marspedia
    8. Video Production & Support of Conventions

In the course of discussing these projects, James showed the following resources:

Afterwards the group had a discussion of what projects individuals could help with and were interested in pursuing. James committed to follow up with each person to ensure they could work on what they’d be interested in, and which of their skills could make the best impact to the Mars Society.

We plan to meet every month at the same location (Conference room 5K at WeWork Lincoln Square). James has these booked out for 6 months. February’s meeting will also be a Fireside Chat with Sean McClinton of the Seattle Space Entrepreneurs.

James’s contact info is: and cell phone is 206-601-7143.